Year 2


In Key Stage 1 at Christ the King we have committed, enthusiastic staff and happy children, who enjoy learning and achieve the highest standards of which they are capable. We firmly believe that our children should be caring, hardworking and involved in their learning.

We work in a cross curricular way providing a vehicle through which children can apply the skills and concepts gained from teaching and we utilise a wide range of teaching and learning styles. This builds on the child initiated exploration learning that has taken place during Foundation Stage.

In Key Stage 1 all children take home reading books from the Oxford Reading Scheme and materials to share and at this early stage we appreciate parent’s support in this area encouraging them to read with their children as often as possible. Handwriting is a skill that children need to practise and this will be sent along with weekly spellings to work on at home.

We have high expectations of all our children. We reward their achievements through praise, the use of stickers, house points, Wizard of the Week and at our monthly Celebration Assemblies.

If the school should be closed for any reason such as snow, we would encourage parents to ensure that the children still participate in some learning experiences at home. They could write a diary about what they have done that day, build a snow sculpture and photograph it for the class, practise their spellings, reading or handwriting or find some literacy or numeracy activities to complete on the computer.

We consider ourselves to be open and approachable and foster close relationships with our parents. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child we would invite you to pop in and see us.