Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2

During their time in Years 5 and 6, children are building on skills that have been developed throughout their school life, preparing them for the next step in their learning journey. Children are therefore expected to be independent learners, identifying and acting on their own learning needs. Because the children in UKS2 are at the ‘top’ of the school, they are expected to behave as role models to others.  Those children who are able to display maturity and initiative, as well as responsibility and organisation, are rewarded by gaining additional responsibilities around school.  

In UKS2 we have a topic based approach to learning. This is consistent with Lower Key Stage 2. The children are taught key skills and objectives from the National Curriculum via an overarching topic. This enables them to become experts in a particular area and provides them with real-life situations in which to apply their maths skills, as well as genuine opportunities to read and write for a purpose.
Each morning is divided into a session of Maths and a session of English. In Maths each week, the children are given a new focus. The aim is to give children enough time and challenge to develop their understanding of this area, according to their learning needs. In English, children explore the features of different text genres. They are given exciting ways to read and understand examples of different texts and look at how writers use punctuation and grammar for specific effects. They will also be given chances to write for different purposes and to develop their own ‘voice’ when writing. As a core subject, Religious Education has a high profile in our curriculum. As well as building children’s spiritual well-being, it also provides a great platform for development of key English skills, such as speaking and listening.

Afternoon sessions will include all other curriculum areas, as taught through the topic approach. For a more detailed overview of how topics are linked to all aspects of the curriculum, please see the curriculum maps below!

In order to support your child’s learning, homework will be given each week. More details of this can be found in the welcome letter given at the start of each year. Your child will also have a reading book which they will be asked to read at home as often as possible. Any time you can spend listening to your child read and asking them questions about what they have read would be greatly appreciated. This will help them to develop and practise their comprehension and reading skills alongside the guided reading carried out in class. Children will also be tested frequently on their times tables to develop their rapid recall of these facts and related division facts. Any practice your child can do at home would be really helpful!

In the unlikely event of a school closure (e.g. adverse weather), the children are encouraged to continue their learning at home. Any work on the core skills such as the four operations in Maths (+, -, x, ÷) or reading comprehension would be beneficial to your child. Please don’t feel restricted by this, however; if your child wants to write a beautiful poem or carry out a science investigation, we would love to hear about it when school reopens!